Free Lead Screening for Artificial Turf

A lawsuit brought by the California Attorney General (with help from CEH) against several producers of artificial turf (sometimes called indoor/outdoor grass carpet) resulted in the turf makers eliminating lead in their new products.

But some older turf may still contain lead. If your children play on older turf fields or lawns, they may be exposed to lead.

CEH is offering free turf screening. Sending a sample of turf is easy: put a few blades (about 6 blades is sufficient) from the turf field or lawn in an envelope and mail to CEH at the address below. Along with the turf sample, please include a note with as much of the following information as you have:

• Your name and contact information

• Location of the field or lawn (address, city, state)

• Name of the turf installer and/or turf producer date (month/year) the turf was installed

Send your sample to:

Center for Environmental Health
Turf Testing Project
2201 Broadway, Suite 302
Oakland CA 94612

We will provide screening results within one week of receiving your sample, or contact you if we recommend using a different procedure called transfer testing.

Please forward this email to lists of parents, schools, and/or daycares in your area.

If you have any questions about turf testing, contact Emily Reder at