Help Save Biodiesel

Biodiesel: No War Required

A recent engine design change puts biodiesel in jeopardy. Read more and take action to save this important fuel source.

Biodiesel is a fuel derived from vegetable and animal oils.  When made from recycled cooking oil, biodiesel turns a waste product into a fuel that can be used in any diesel engine without modification.

Fueling your next road trip with kitchen grease from your favorite restaurant:  how’s that for recycling?

Emissions from biodiesel are off-the-charts better than conventional dino-diesel.  Plus, they allow you to avoid lining petroleum industry pockets and contributing to that industry’s unmatched environmental and humanitarian atrocities.

Biodiesel makers and users are now springing up across the country, quickly making this the most sustainable and viable alternative fuel out there.

Still, CEH sees biodiesel (from recycled, not virgin oil) as a transitional fuel.  It represents an unquestionable environmental, human rights, and public health improvement over petroleum.  But it still creates greenhouse gases.  And there isn’t enough of it to meet our transportation needs.  Biodiesel is simply the best fuel to use while we work to create a truly sustainable fuel.

But it’s also in jeopardy.  A recent design change aimed at improving the emissions of diesel engines that run on dino-diesel makes current diesel engines (2007 on) incompatible with biodiesel.  There is a cheap and easy modification that car makers can adopt.  It will allow vehicles to improve their emissions AND run on biodiesel.

Car makers won’t make the change unless we force them.  Please click here to read about how you can take a few seconds to urge manufacturers to preserve the viability of this vital alternative fuel: