OAKLAND (KRON) — A change in California law means parents are looking for safe alternatives for baby products like changing pads and foam chairs.

As of the first of the year, manufacturers are no longer required to douse their products with flame retardant after evidence showed the chemicals didn’t make the merchandise signficantly safer.

Officials with the the Center for Environmental Health in Oakland say they’ve been getting lots of calls from parents needing guidance on the issue.

Center experts say they surveyed 17 popular baby product companies asking them if they offer products without the flame retardant chemicals and if their labeling reflects that change.

Read the Results of the Center for Environmental Health Survey Here

They found about half of the companies have removed the toxins but most had not attached a new label to their clothing and other stuff.

Officials with the center say they think the companies should be more transparent in letting parents know what is and isn’t in their products.