Kenny Goldberg, KPBS News

An environmental group says a number of California retailers are selling diaper bags
that are tainted with lead. The group is asking stores and manufacturers to
remove these products from the shelves. KPBS Reporter Kenny Goldberg has more.

The Center for Environmental
tested 60 diaper bags purchased at major California retailers. The group says it
found six bags with high levels of lead. Four of the bags had unsafe levels in
their vinyl changing pad. CEH spokesman Charles says these products are

Margulis: Lead on the surface of these changing pads can come off
onto the baby's skin. Obviously babies put their hands in their mouth, babies
even put their feet in their mouth. So that kind of contact, can be a health

Margulis says his group is taking legal action against diaper bag makers
under California's
consumer protection law. In the meantime, he suggests parents avoid diaper bags
made with vinyl.

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