Sue Kwon, CBS 5, August 1, 2008

Consumer Product Safety Commission is now going to get a lot more toy safety
testers thanks to a new bill passed by Congress, due in part to a
well-known East Bay environmental advocacy group.
The bill doubles the agency's budget, increases staff by
20%, tightens industry safety standards, and gives the CPSC power to
penalize companies making unsafe toys.

These are details Michael Green pushed for as his Center for Environmental
Health helped shape the new rules. It's the East Bay
agency known for testing thousands of children's products and demanding
manufacturer recalls during the wave of recent lead scares.

While there's relief changes are on the way, there is concern they'll take too
long. "It's a good thing, said Green, "but there is a problem in that
the current leadership has not shown a commitment to protect people from toxic

While acting CPSC chair Nancy Nord opposed the bill for stiff multi-million
dollar fines, she applaudes the bill's passage.  Last year, 45
million children's products and toys were recalled last year. Now, the United States
has the toughest lead standards in the world and plastics made with pthalates,
which are connected to cancer, are banned.


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