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CEH Statement on Dourson Committee Vote

Despite vocal opposition by a wide cross-section of scientists, public interest organizations, and individuals, the Senate’s EPW committee approved Michael Dourson to lead the toxics program at the EPA. This vote came after senators on the committee heard numerous accounts of chemical companies paying Dourson to downplay the toxicity of their products, and stories of people around the country who have suffered from chemical exposure as a result. Moving forward with a candidate like Dourson makes it impossible for consumers to trust that the EPA will curb air and water pollution or regulate dangerous chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

“This vote is a huge setback to protecting Americans from toxic chemicals. Allowing Michael Dourson to oversee chemical safety will open the flood gates for toxins into our air, food and water. As Dourson goes to a full vote, I hope our country’s leaders will curtail industry’s power in government, and protect the public from toxic hazards, by rejecting Dourson’s nomination,” said Ansje Miller, Policy Director for Center for Environmental Health.