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IT Purchasing to Green Your Business and Save Money

Oakland, CA- Keeping up with new developments in information technology (IT) is a major cost for many businesses. The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) works with leading corporations to cut the high costs of IT purchasing and management, and to implement sustainable practices that can make your company a CSR leader.

The Center is today introducing its new web portal for businesses looking for sustainable electronics,, launched in conjunction with the online video The Story of Electronics, the latest film from the creators of the Story of Stuff.

Partnering with CEH, major companies have already achieved significant cost savings while reducing their environmental footprint. For example, CEH’s work with two of the country’s leading healthcare organizations has collectively saved their businesses more than $13.5 million while recycling nearly 7 million pounds of e-waste.

“With our expertise and commitment to truly green operations, CEH can help any business do well by doing better in their IT purchasing and management,” said Sue Chiang, Sustainable Electronics Program Director at the Center for Environmental Health. “While it’s critical to stay up-to-date on the latest IT systems, it’s also important for businesses to use their buying power to demand the most energy efficient and least environmentally harmful products. This is our expertise, which is new ground even for many seasoned IT professionals.”

Working with CEH, businesses can learn how to develop and implement policies and practices for:

  • Environmentally-preferable electronic purchasing, including looking for EPEAT-registration, energy efficiency, reduced toxics, halogen-free products, and products from producers with responsible take-back programs;
  • Responsible use of electronics, including extending the life-span and minimizing energy consumption;
  • Ensuring proper asset management and disposal of outdated equipment;
  • Communicating the preference for safer electronics to IT suppliers.