Press Releases

People’s Climate March

As a national partner to the People’s Climate Movement, the Center for Environmental Health is in full support of the upcoming People’s Climate Movement march on April 29, 2017 in Washington, DC and across the nation.

CEH today released the following statement, in support of the April 29 People’s Climate March:

“Climate change is the defining health issue of our time, and already there are too many children and families across the country, especially in communities of color, who are suffering from the burdens of climate-related diseases and fossil fuel pollution,” said Michael Green, CEO of the Center for Environmental Health. “Those who are most at risk from the incoming administration’s toxic policies must not be sacrificed on the altar of the fossil fuel industry’s profits. Across the country, millions of Americans live in communities that are contaminated by fossil fuel extraction, pipelines, and other dirty energy operations that threaten their health and jeopardize their fundamental right to clean air and clean water. We stand with the movement for climate justice, for protecting our democracy, and for insuring the right of all Americans to live, work, learn and play in healthy environments.”