We achieve breakthrough results through a

science-based, field-tested, and customized

four-step process:

Do you need help ensuring a safe, productive workspace, identifying safer products, or making the business case for healthy procurement? CEH provides customizable services to sustainability staff, purchasers, project managers, and upper management with unbiased information, product market expertise, product testing services and the most current regulatory and legislative intelligence available, all tailored to your needs.

The Challenge:

  • Many Products are Not Safe: One of the key ways to promote well-being and health is through strategic purchasing of products without hazardous chemicals. Once products with harmful chemicals are put into place, there is often no way to remove these chemicals, creating a long-term, negative impact on employee health and productivity
  • A Contained Environment: The EPA reports indoor air is typically two to five times more polluted than outdoor air quality; some of these toxics undermine immune systems, making your employees and clients more susceptible to serious health conditions
  • No Resident Expert: It is simply not possible for a purchaser to stay current on the health impacts of the many toxic chemicals, or to know which products contain specific chemicals of concern, while also tracking the market for products and staying in compliance with regulations

Our Solution:

CEH assists our clients through every step of the procurement process, which is unique to each organization: from testing your existing products or surveying your suppliers, to helping you identify the healthiest alternatives, to communicating wins to staff and stakeholders.

We achieve breakthrough results through a science-based, field-tested, and customized four-step process:

  • Create or refine explicit purchasing objectives; Evaluate existing sustainability and purchasing policies and practices to identify current achievements and opportunities for improvement
  • Develop clear, actionable purchasing plans and policies to achieve your goals
  • Create a work plan that includes milestones, roles, responsibilities, and timeframes
  • Develop a compelling business case to secure internal buy-in
  • Provide purchaser tools and resources, leveraging CEH’s model technical specifications, supplier communication tools, listings of healthier products, and sample contract language
  • Provide well-tested specifications for your Requests for Information (RFIs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to ensure a successful, competitive bidding process
  • Present the benefits and issues of the various eco-labels and certifications, informing which should be required or preferred in RFIs and RFPs
  • Identify products that comply with designed specifications and provide listings to facilitate purchasing 
  • Evaluate vendor responses for compliance with the product specifications, identify and resolve areas of concern, and make market informed, environmentally sound recommendations,
  • Recommend and implement tools to track progress and create ongoing reporting systems to showcase the benefits of sustainable procurement
  • Provide samples and templates to facilitate communication of important updates to your staff and other stakeholders via annual sustainability and/or other reports

Who: Our Typical Primary Points of Contact:

  • Sustainability and Purchasing Departments
  • Designers and Architects
  • Food Nutrition Services, Facilities and Operations Teams
  • Change Agents, Empowered Employees, and Green Teams







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