Webinar: Selecting Healthier Carpet, Flooring, and Furniture

Webinar CEH

Wherever you are working, your indoor furnishings affect your air quality and impact your health. Furniture and flooring products often contain a host of toxic chemicals, affecting not only you–the user–but also those involved in manufacturing, maintenance and disposal of these products. But healthier products are available!


Learn about:

  • Health and environmental concerns of chemicals used in carpet, resilient flooring and furniture
  • Market availability of healthier, more sustainable products
  • Tools and resources to help you select healthier options
  • Health-protective product specifications and standards
  • How to earn LEED and other credits by transitioning to healthier products
  • Lessons and considerations

What’s new:

  • GreenScreen Certified Standard for Furniture and Textiles
  • Getting Real About Reuse: San Francisco International Airport Case Study

This webinar is designed for procurement and supply chain staff, sustainability leaders, architects and designers, green teams and other interested individuals. Whether these topics are new to you, or you just need a refresher, this webinar will give you the essential tools and information you need to make healthier choices.


  • Suzanne Drake, Senior Designer, Revel
  • Kriss Kokoefer, President, Kay Chesterfield
  • Judy Levin, Pollution Prevention Director, CEH
  • Sarah Packer, Pollution Prevention Manager, CEH