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Here are 5 reasons, supported by science, to never drink bottled water again and get a reusable water bottle instead.

1) Only 32% of plastic water bottles are recycled 2) There are no quality standards for bottled water 3) Climate change 4) Climate change (again! ) 5) It’s expensive. Read more in our link in bio. Post your water bottle photos for this week’s #BHchallenge! #Repost @pauladawn
#soultogether day two thank YOU
inspired by everyone who signed up and doing a little challenge of my own! i’m trying to be more mindful about my waste so ill be using this reusable water bottle (you can slap that fiji out of my hands if you see me drinking one in class ). they say it takes about 21 days to implement a habit so by the end of the challenge i should be good to go! no more piles of plastic water bottles in my car. what challenge are you taking on this month?