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If you’re heading up to the slopes this week , you might want to double check what your ski wax ⛷ is made from.

Turns out, most wax contains a ton of fluorinated chemicals like PFAS and PFOA . Fluorinated wax may make your skis glide a little easier, but it’s super bad for the environment (and you!). That’s why we’ve found some brands that made fluoro-free ski wax.

a) @rexskiwax G21 Graphite Spray
b) @tokous Non Fluoro Glidewax
c) North by @swix_sport Speed Brick Universal Wax – 180g
d) @mountainflowecowax Quick Wax
e) @swix_sport F4 Universal Easy Glide Wax
f) Ulla Glide Wax