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Loving how many tips they could fit in one image!

Plus, they are super useful to help us learn the best way to store all kinds of food (without and plastic!). Don’t forget, if you are looking for some great plastic free food storage containers, we have a roundup on the site with some of our favs. Thanks for creating @ecowithem_ and for sharing @mamavation #becausehealth #foodstorage #plasticfree #masonjars #zerowaste #foodwastefeast #useitall
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July is #plasticfree month! On the heels of both @starbucks and @hyatt banning straws, let’s celebrate!! I’ve been pondering how to get rid of more plastic in our lives and I wanted to share with you this image from @ecowithem_. Thanks for creating this amazing image with great tips for us! ! ❤️
. Are there any tips here you may try out? Tell me!