Your Health

This week, @gq released an article saying “men are doomed.”

” That’s pretty blunt and kind of scary. Especially when you keep reading and find out it’s because sperm counts are falling, fast. They lay out a lot of different reason why and most of them come back to the environment we are living in today. While that sounds even worse, based on some research we’ve done, we know that small changes to your routine (both in men themselves and women who might have sons at some point) can help make a change for the better. Two easy changes:
1. Switch from plastic food storage containers and water bottles to ones made of glass, stainless steel, or ceramic. Clean your home more often by dusting with a microfiber cloth and vacuuming. Both are pretty easy and can reduce the amount of contact you have with chemicals that mess with hormone levels. Sperm levels may be on a downward trend, but the trend doesn’t have to keep going down. Little changes can have a big impact on health. Thank you, GQ, for bringing this topic to a bigger audience.