Your Health

This week is lead poisoning prevention week.

So, today, we are sharing 6 super easy things you can do that will help you limit your (and your family’s) lead exposure. They are all super easy and require little to no money investment at all. Use a door mat and take your shoes off at the door. This is also a great excuse to get those cozy slippers you’ve been eyeing. Mop your floors. Okay, this is not super fun, but even just moping a couple times more a month than you normally do greatly reduces the amount of lead that just sort of collects in the dust around your home. Wipe down surfaces with a wet microfiber cloth. It catches more than a regular duster – we promise. Also, don’t forget about the window sills. Use cold tap water instead of hot whenever you cook. Wash your hands. Just, like, always. But seriously, wash them after you do things outside and every time before you eat. Wash stuffed animals or pillows if you can.