Your Health

This week’s #BHchallenge is to ditch the nonstick, which is bad for your health and the environment.

At least once this week, try cooking in something besides a nonstick pan. Once you figure out the tricks, you’ll learn to love your #castiron, #carbonsteel, and #stainlesssteel pans as much as we do. Plus, they will last literally forever if you take care of them, unlike traditional nonstick pans. So, whether it’s your eggs in the morning, your grilled cheese for lunch, your pizza for dinner, or even some dessert, give alternatives to nonstick a chance. Click through the link in bio for our tips and tricks for cooking without toxic non-stick coatings. Tag @because_health and #BHchallenge in your photos and tell us your favorite #notnonstick swap. :@thehumbleoven, our talented writer and cook