Your Health

Today is #worldenvironmentalhealthday

So while we sip our coffee (from our ceramic mugs – of course!) we want to share a little about what that means for us. To us, environmental health has to do with how things in our environment can affect our health. This is about more than just saving the trees and making sure the oceans aren’t full of plastic straws. We 100% support those things, but we also recognize that the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the products we buy all play a big role in our health, too. We want to make sure all of those are healthy and support us in living our best life, no matter what that means.
So, today, we are taking a minute just to think about what we consider to be our environment (big and small) and thinking of ways we can make them healthier. We are choosing to make one decision today that improves how our environments impact our health. Ours was using a real mug and skipping the food packaging (okay, that was two things, but hey, it’s kind of our job, right?), what is yours?