Your Health

Washing your hands is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from any viruses and other sicknesses that are going around .

We would take washing hands with ANY soap over not washing your hands, but it might be nice to have some non-toxic hand soaps at home since you use them multiple times a day . Hands soaps can have harmful and unnecessary preservatives or unnecessary ingredients like synthetic fragrances or other things that irritate your skin, which is why we rounded up our top non-toxic hand soaps. Germs don’t stand a chance with our picks!

a) @auntfannies Microcosmic Probiotics Hand Soap
b) @cleanwelltoday Foaming Hand Soap
c) Clearly Natural Liquid Hand Soap
d) @drbronner Hand and Body Soap
e) @ecoscleans Hand Soap
f) @everyoneproducts Hand Soap
g) @puracy Natural Liquid Hand Soap
h) @seventhgeneration Hand Wash Soap