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You might have noticed this already, but we love recommending the same cleaning items over and over again .

That’s why we made a roundup of basic supplies you might need to do some DIY non-toxic cleaning . Now all of our recommendations are in one place! Hopefully you already have some of these items floating around your home and kitchen, because we know some of these items might be difficult to get right now. We even have some plastic free options, like wood brushes that are up to any cleaning task and are better for the planet.

a) @drbronner Castille Soap
b) @drbronner Sal Suds
c) Hydrogen Peroxide
d) White Vinegar
e) Baking Soda
f) Glass Spray Bottles, Amber
g) @ifyoucare_usa Natural Sponge Cloths
h) @casabellaclean Waterblock Gloves
i) Wood Utility Cleaning Brush
j) Stiff Bristle Brush
k) Microfiber cloths
l) Professional Microfiber Mop