Video: What this election means for health and justice

This election is the most important of our lives and November 3rd is the last day to cast your vote.

Elections determine who will make decisions about the things that matter to your health, such as regulating PFAS, protecting clean air and water, climate change, and more.

At CEH, we believe people who disproportionately suffer from environmental and social injustices have the right to determine what change their communities need most and lead the process of creating that change. One big way to ensure this change happens is to vote now through November 3rd.

No matter what happens with the election, CEH will work as hard as ever to help you hold your elected officials accountable for protecting public health. We’ve got hard work ahead—and we’re grateful to have you with us.

Voter Information

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How to talk about environmental health

CEH plays a national leadership role in the Cancer Free Economy Network (CFEN). CFEN published a voter guide on how to talk to elected officials and community leaders about protecting our communities from pollution, toxins, and toxic chemicals, and making public health a priority for all. Download it here.