For many years, Big Tobacco has worked to obscure the threat
e-cigarettes pose to public health, made unfounded claims they are effective smoking cessation devices, and cynically marketed their products to children and teens.

CEH Exposed E-Cigarette Health Risks, Won Landmark Victories

In 2015, CEH tested the first-ever large sampling of e-cigarette products. We found that nearly 90% of the e-cigarette companies had at least one product containing high levels of the cancer-causing chemicals formaldehyde or acetaldehyde, violating California safety standards. CEH took legal action against more than 60 companies for failing to warn consumers, forcing the industry to conform to legal labeling requirements, creating mandatory product safety standards, and restricting many companies marketing to kids.

Far from safe, e-cigarettes also contain nicotine, a highly addictive neurotoxin that affects the central nervous and circulatory systems, causing blood vessels to constrict and raise blood pressure as well as numerous other toxic chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects —including benzene and lead.

The Emergence of E-Cig Giant Juul and Hooking Youth on Vaping

With declining teen cigarette smoking, JUUL designed a sophisticated marketing campaign to attract minors by convincing them e-cigarettes are safe, developed a highly potent, addictive product to keep them coming back, offer youth appealing flavors, such as mint, mango and fruit medley, and construct the products in a way that makes their detection especially difficult for teachers or parents. A typical JUUL cartridge contains as much nicotine as a pack of 20 regular cigarettes and delivers it up to 2.7 times faster than other e-cigarettes, increasing the potential for addiction

Juul Agrees to Legally Binding Settlement with CEH to Restrict Its Marketing to Children

In October of 2019, CEH reached a legally binding, court-enforceable agreement with JUUL mandating restrictions on their marketing and advertising to children

CEH’s Next Steps in The Movement to End the Youth Vaping Epidemic

1. Enforce JUUL Settlement, Expand E-Cigarette Marketing Restrictions to Youth

CEH will be monitoring JUUL closely. CEH will also continue to test JUUL competitor’s product toxicity and use the settlement as a blueprint to pressure them to abide by the same youth marketing restrictions.

2. Pressure FDA to Do its Job: Strictly Regulate E-Cigarettes in Upcoming 2020 Review

CEH will work to pressure FDA to conduct a rigorous review of these products, including banning all flavors— including mint and menthol, banning all marketing aimed at minors, prohibiting online sales, and potentially banning the sale of these products altogether.

3. Protect Youth from Big Tobacco’s Next Generation of“Regrettable Replacements”

CEH will test “heat not burn” devices for cancer-causing, toxic chemicals, educate parents about the threat these products pose to children’s health, pressure and expose the FDA’s failure to conduct adequate premarket reviews, and take legal action when appropriate.

4. Support Tough Local, State, and Federal Anti-Vaping Laws

CEH will advocate on behalf of tough local, state and national anti-vaping laws, especially those that protect children and teens.

5. Educate Parents and Youth, Fund Anti-Vaping Ad Campaign

CEH will continue our efforts to educate the public, particularly parents and children, about the dangers of e-cigarettes and expose the industry’s deceptive marketing tactics. CEH will also donate $1 million to Truth Initiative, the national public health organization that directs a hard-hitting anti-vaping truth campaign.


If you’d like to take a stand against the vaping industry, Truth Initiative has several ways to get involved. Visit them at

If you’re looking to help someone quit vaping, please visit Truth Initiative’s Quitting Vaping page.

The truth is out: vaping isn’t safe


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