Toxic Chemicals in Food

Food and agriculture industries provide vital sustenance, but at what cost? Today’s corporate food and farming operations place tremendous pressures on the environment, and create toxic threats from mass-produced foods.

Families who simply want the right to know what they are eating and feeding their children are too often frustrated by foods that are not adequately labeled, by unsafe foods, and by unpronounceable food ingredients. Pesticides, harmful food additives, food contaminants, food packaging, risky genetically engineered foods and other food safety issues are all potential threats to our children and families and to healthy environments.

CEH works in support of safer, sustainable food production that serves to regenerate natural resources, support healthier food for consumers, and create healthier environments for farmers, farm workers, and rural communities. Our scientific investigations, food safety testing, legal advocacy and litigation, and work with state and national food advocacy coalitions all converge around the goals of ending unsafe, unsustainable food production practices and supporting ecological, organic alternatives that promote healthy farming and a healthier food supply.