Institutional Purchasers: Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Purchasing departments and their staff are the quiet heroes behind many far-reaching sustainability initiatives in corporations, government, education, and other institutions. So, purchasers, we invite you to learn more about CEH’s thriving, nationwide community of cutting-edge procurement professionals who strengthen their organizations while moving entire markets to protect the health of people everywhere!

Sign the CEH Pledge For Healthier Furniture


Sign the CEH Pledge

CEH helps institutional purchasers select products made without the toxic chemicals often found in Office Furniture, Flooring, and Single-Use Foodware.  Our partnerships with purchasers can:

  • Reduce procurement expenses
  • Create measurable accomplishments to announce in sustainability reports and other communications
  • Help institutions demonstrate their commitments to the health of their staffs, visitors, clients, and communities
  • Build a cross-sector, like-minded network of sustainable procurement leaders
  • Make safer products more available to people everywhere


Procurement Does Not Have to be Complicated

Today’s purchasers are expected to help meet their organizations’ sustainability goals, but no purchaser could know all the chemicals and health effects of each item they buy to keep their operations running smoothly. And without a PhD in chemistry, how can a purchaser know which products to prioritize for environmentally-preferable purchasing?

That’s why CEH’s scientists, advocates and strategists monitor the latest research on toxic chemicals. We look for chemicals that are particularly toxic, we find the products that contain these chemicals, we survey manufacturers, we test their products and we track down the safest options. Then, we share information and cut-and-paste tools like RFPs, contract templates, and product lists to help institutional purchasers select safer products quickly and easily. We also offer attentive support, encouragement, and product-specific expertise every step of the way!

Our diverse partners  include private companies, government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare companies, affordable housing builders, architects, designers, and more. When these partners make a clear, unified preference for safer products, manufacturers make safer products. Just a few years ago, more than eighty percent of furniture products contained brain-damaging, cancer-causing, flame-retardant chemicals. So we partnered with institutions that spend a combined $350 million+ per year on furniture, equipping them to make key demands of the manufacturers. Today, less than ten percent of furniture contains those dangerous chemicals.

CEH is ready to offer customized technical assistance to help your organization spend less; meet sustainability goals; procure safer Office Furniture, Flooring, and Single-Use Foodware for your staff, customers, and communities; and make safer products available to consumers nationwide.

Contact us to learn more about this game-changing, easy win for procurement professionals and their organizations!


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