Thursday, September 1st 2022 at 10am PT / 1pm ET

Reusable foodware in K-12 schools used to be the norm. Now, many schools are stuck in a more wasteful (and chemically toxic) system for meals at school. What happened? Why are they stuck? The nutrition staff in schools have often been overlooked rather than uplifted as the frontline workers that they are. If nutrition staff are neglected, they cannot sustain new and innovative projects. CEH wants to help explore how to overcome the many challenges of hiring and increasing staffing hours to allow for reusables to be brought K-12 schools. Our speakers will provide a historic overview of nutrition staff labor in the US, what the current state of nutrition staff is, and how a district found a way to allow nutrition staff to increase their hours to wash dishes at 12 of their schools sites.

We hope this free webinar will help schools transition to reusable food ware and reap the many benefits of cost, sustainability and upstream solutions. Come join us to discuss how to make washing reusable foodware at your school a reality!

Learn more about healthy foodware in schools from our toolkit. 

Watch the recording of this webinar below!

Learning objectives

– Current and historical views on staffing K-12 meals labor

– How to begin the conversation around reusables and labor at your school. 

– Model schools that use and wash reusable foodware in house.

– How to uplift Nutrition and Food Staff so they can help sustain green initiatives at K-12 Schools

– How reusables can increase staff hours and health for the nutrition and food staff in K-12 schools.


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-Sally Spero, Senior advisor of LunchAssist

-Angela Gomez, School Lunch Coordinator of LunchAssist

-Irene Vargas, Director of Nutrition Service, Distribution, and  Purchasing for Alisal Union School District