We have the opportunity to learn more about the impact of GMOs and be inspired by the anti-GMO movement in India, a country of over one billion people and a global agricultural hub. In fact, there are more farmers in India than any other country on our planet.

But the situation for many Indian farmers can be even more devastating than for U.S. farmers. Indian farmers are the canaries in the coalmine in the global fight against genetically modified (GMO) seeds. They are fighting against the onslaught of Monsanto GMO seeds and trying to preserve their seeds and agricultural heritage against this giant. And, sadly, many are losing this battle against industrial agriculture — every 30 minutes an Indian farmer kills himself.

In his dramatic film BITTER SEEDS, director Micha X. Peled introduces us to citizens of a small Indian town who are dealing with the impacts of GMO seeds in their community.  BITTER SEEDS is a dire warning about the potentially devastating impacts on US agriculture due to GMO seeds. The film offers an intimate portrait of the financial, family and social tolls these seeds have had on the farmers. We meet farmers, family members and a young girl aspiring to be a journalist who seeks to unearth the cause of so many farmer suicides in her town (including her own father). Her determination to expose the connection between farmer suicides and Monsanto GMO seeds is inspiring, heart-wrenching and a David vs. Goliath story of the 21st century.

As part of your commitment to fighting GMO seeds in the US, you are invited to host ascreening of BITTER SEEDS in your community. Free DVDs are available to individuals and organizations to host public screenings in their offices, homes, community centers and/or houses of worship. In addition to the film, you will receieve a free discussion guide and access to a range of digital resources to connect you to anti-GMO actions in the US (like the September week of action against GMOs).

Seeing the film is a critical first step towards educating people about the need to stop GMOs in our country and an important way to connect people to important anti-GMO actions happening in the US right now. Get involved today to see BITTER SEEDS and spread the film’s important message! Learn more about the film or request a DVD for a screening.