A Master Class on Fracking (and earn CME credits)

pseYou have probably heard a lot over the past couple years about fracking and natural gas. Proponents of fracking say:

• The natural gas boom will make the US energy independent.

• Natural gas is the bridge fuel that will help us stop climate change and fracking helps us get there faster.

• Fracking is so safe and clean that you can drink the fracking fluids.

Health advocates, environmentalists and community groups reply:

• Fracking is dangerous and must be stopped.

• The methane releases from fracking are speeding up climate change.

• Fracking makes your water catch on fire.

• Ever since fracking started in my community, my daughter’s nose keeps bleeding and I have been having trouble breathing.

With all of these conflicting statements, how do you know what’s true? Now you can take a master class from expert geologists, toxicologists, and physicians to give you all the information you need to understand this hot topic and make your own decisions. As a bonus, if you are a physician, you can earn Continuing Medical Education credits through the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY).

The nonprofit Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy (PSE) has gathered the nation’s leading experts from institutions including  Cornell and Stanford Universities to present the information about this issue in an easy to understand 7-part series that you can watch on YouTube. Divided into three modules, the series starts with an introductory course on geology and fracking and takes you all the way through to how it can affect human and animal health.

Once you have taken the course, tell all your friends, and then tell us. Then take action to keep New York safe from fracking.