A Not-So-Green Baby: Another Leady Product from Target

Last week, it was products by Mattel and Disney, and other kids’ products sold at Walmart and Target.

This week, it’s an infants’ onesie. And not just any onesie: a Green Baby onesie.

Tests on fourteen of the Green Baby onesies consistently show that the inked-on tag on the Target store-brand infant clothing has high levels of lead: more than four times the legal level. Illegal levels of lead, in a “green-marketed” piece of clothing for newborns, infants and toddlers.

The consumer research and children’s product review blog Z Recommends ( wondered if the tags on the onesies might pose a hazard. They had done previous research on serious rashes some parents reported from tagless baby clothes, and asked CEH to test some onesies they purchased in Texas. CEH found the same onesie at stores in California, and Z Recommends readers from Virginia and Alabama also found the onesies at Target stores in their area. The readers sent them to CEH for testing.

All samples of the Circo Green Baby onesie tested high for lead, in violation of federal law.

The California Attorney General has notified Target and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission of the testing. But it’s past time for Target to stop selling lead-tainted products for kids. After our findings last week, we asked you to send Target and Walmart a message. Looks like they still need to hear from us! If you haven’t already, act now to let them know that you’ll be looking elsewhere for your holiday kids’ shopping this year.