A Pesticide in Every Bite: Monsanto’s New GMO Corn

Last week, the biotech food giant Monsanto announced it is marketing a new variety of genetically engineered (GE or GMO) food: a sweet corn intended for sale as frozen and/or canned food. Unlike most previous GMO crops, which are primarily used for animal feed or highly processed food ingredients (like corn oil or corn syrup), this new sweet corn is intended for direct human consumption.

This is especially worrisome since the Monsanto corn contains genes that produce a toxic insecticide. When consumers eat this GMO variety, they’ll be eating a toxic pesticide with every bite.

And of course, like other GMO foods, this new frozen and canned corn will not be labeled, so shoppers cannot know when they may be buying this experimental new food. Companies like Del Monte, General Mills (Green Giant), Bird’s Eye, and others that make and/or sell frozen and canned corn need to take a stand and commit to avoiding this risky new crop.

You can help stop this genetic food experiment! Take action today to let Del Monte, General Mills (Green Giant), Bird’s Eye and other food companies know that you don’t want Monsanto’s new corn!

For about a decade, Monsanto tried to bring GMO wheat to market – only to face opposition from food companies who stated they would refuse to buy the GMO crop. For example, General Mills noted its rejection of GMO wheat, since its consumers would refuse GMO wheat foods. Ultimately Monsanto was forced to abandon its development of GMO wheat.