Skip the Shopping and Do Something! Join Buy Nothing Black Friday

We’re thankful for many things around this time of year, but getting trampled at a big box store in order to snag a bit of discount on stuff (often times, pretty toxic stuff), is not one of them. That’s why we’re participating in Buy Nothing Black Friday.

Watch this video from our friends at The Story of Stuff to see just why we won’t be waiting in those horrible Black Friday lines this year, or any other year:

We’re excited to be spending time with family and friends during the holiday, and the day after, playing, cooking, or doing whatever we love to do when we get some downtime with those closest to us.

Below, we have a few tips for having a happy, healthy Thanksgiving and “Buy Nothing” Friday.

1.  Avoid BPA-laden plastics and processed side dishes with our tips for a lovely toxic-free Thanksgiving.

2. Make your own organic cranberry sauce with these favorite, quick-and-easy recipes from CEH staffers!

3. Show how much better the Friday after Thanksgiving can be without shopping.  The Story of Stuff project wants you to tell them what you think is better than shopping–it could be spending time with your family, going for a hike, baking cookies…anything! Upload a photo of you participating in #buynothing Friday and share it on their website.

4. Plus: If you want to help CEH do vital work to protect your family from exposure to toxic flame retardants in everyday baby items and furniture.  We’re preparing to test these items for unnecessary, toxic flame retardants. Each test will cost $175. With your help, CEH will test breast feeding pillows, couches, nursing gliders, sleeping wedges, changing pads, mattress toppers, children’s furniture, nap mats, and other products to protect your family from these harmful, unneccessary flame retardant chemicals.