CEH Action Prompts Nationwide Jewelry Recall

Following an investigation and legal action earlier this year by the Center for Environmental Health, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Tween Brands today announced a recall of 19 styles of children’s metal necklaces, bracelets and earrings due to high levels of cadmium. About 137,000 pieces of jewelry were pulled from the company’s Justice and Limited Too retail outlets nationally.

“We welcome this action to remove a public health threat from store shelves,” said Caroline Cox, Research Director at CEH. “Parents should not have to worry that jewelry for their children may be tainted with metals that can cause life-long health problems.”

In February, CEH filed legal notices against Tween Brands and three other retailers for selling cadmium-tainted jewelry, based on California consumer protection law which applies to any jewelry that exposes children or adults to significant levels of the toxic metal. Cadmium can cause cancer, genetic damage, and kidney problems. A 2006 study concluded that exposure in children “should be limited as much as possible” to prevent direct health problems and problems later in their lives.