CEH Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Revoke Right to Abortion and Bodily Autonomy

As a 26-year-old organization leading the nationwide effort to protect people from toxic chemicals, we at the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) believe environmental, social, gender and racial justice are deeply intertwined.

We stand for the rights of individual autonomy and bodily integrity, we believe healthcare is a human right, and we believe in sexual and reproductive justice for all.

Research shows that those who bear the disproportionate burden of toxic exposures–low income communities and communities of color, and particularly womxn, are also those that will be most harmed under this new ruling because of the geographic, social, and political landscape of uneven access to healthcare, education, and ultimately reproductive freedoms. The populations we serve face multiple threats, not just from toxic chemicals but also now by being stripped of their bodily autonomy.

We stand in solidarity with the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement as they fight to protect and preserve access to essential healthcare and these most fundamental rights.

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