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CEH has had quite a list of health victories stacking up over the past several months.  Since last spring, we’ve succeeded in knocking out some of the industry’s most dangerous toxics in consumer products.

Just this week, California’s governor signed our legislation to protect children from dangerous levels of cadmium in their jewelry.

Last month, when we discovered high levels of lead in kids bounce houses, the story was covered by the New York Times and various news stations across the Bay Area.  We partnered with the California attorney general, initiating Prop 65 litigation to pressure six leading bounce house manufacturers to eliminate the lead hazards from their products, and we are now in the process of adding additional companies to the legal action.

CEH and the California Attorney General also finalized legal agreements with two major companies that ban lead above trace levels in turf.  Added to our earlier legal agreements, this means that the five largest turf companies must all meet strict lead standards.

More good news:  CEH is expanding!  CEH is proud to announce that we are teaming up with Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS)—a powerful organization that’s as concerned about toxic chemicals as we are.

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