Eco-Tip: Reducing Your Exposure to Lead from Artificial Turf

We’ve worked hard over the last couple of years, in collaboration with the California Attorney General, to make sure that  lead threats are removed from artificial turf—especially in places where children play.  Five major turf companies have made legal commitments to remove hazardous lead from their products.

The companies have also agreed to replace certain lead-containing turf in California.  If you’re concerned about lead in a synthetic lawn or sports field around you, CEH can test your turf and tell you whether or not it contains harmful levels of lead—free of charge! We also have information about the replacement programs.

If replacement is not an option for a field that you or your children use, the California Attorney General has  compiled some tips to help you reduce your exposure to lead from turf:

  • Keep turf fields well-maintained and groomed. Reduce surface dust and particles that could be ingested
  • Students and players should wash their hands after playing on a field, and should avoid eating food while seated on the turf surface.
  • Equipment and clothing used when playing on the turf should be cleaned after use.
  • Children should not swallow the crumb rubber pellets that are used as cushioning materials under the fields.

For more information on protecting your family from potential hazards in artificial turf, and our legal agreements with the turf companies, click here.