Eco-Tips for National Public Health Week: CEH’s Greatest Hits

It’s National Public Health Week, an occasion that brings many CEH issues to the forefront of national attention.  Safer products, food, air and water mean better national public health.  You’ve seen public health issues in the news recently—from the ‘pinkslime’ in school lunches, to the battle over BPA in packaging.  All of these seemingly disjointed issues are part of the landscape that contributes to the condition of our nation’s health.

This year we’re excited to contribute our own set of tips to reduce toxics exposure. Whether it’s avoiding lead in your children’s toys, or choosing the right non-toxic household cleaners, we’ve got you covered with healthier choices.

Below is a roundup of our some of our most popular and handy eco-tips, plus opportunities to take action to improve public health for people across the country!

Safer foods means better public health.  Take action to protect your health today!