Flame Retardants in Baby Products: CEH’s Mary Brune featured in SF Chronicle

Mary Brune, featured in the SF Chronicle, with son Sebastian and daughter Olivia.

“Eighty percent of baby products—from car seats to nursing pillows and portable cribs—contain flame retardants that are untested or known to be toxic”, according to a new study published in Environmental Science and Technology on Wednesday.

The study, led by Duke University researcher Heather Stapleton and colleagues, collected and tested foam from 101 baby products, including changing table pads, nursing pillows, car seats, and others.  The findings were shocking, and showed that some baby products contained as many as three different chemical flame retardants.


CEH’s MOMS Project Director Mary Brune told the SF Chronicle, “I can’t fathom that sitting in a glider, rocking my daughter or son and nursing them on a pillow poses some imminent fire danger.  This should be something we have a choice about.”

Read the full San Francisco Chronicle article, here.