For Our Country to Begin Healing, Trump Must be Impeached

In the wake of the horrific acts last week that left our nation’s Capitol shattered, we at the Center for Environmental join our colleagues, allies and the bipartisan group lawmakers calling for Trump’s removal from office for inciting this violence. Like the rest of the nation, we watched in fear and anger as our democracy faced the clear threat of insurrection on the very day many felt joyful that the results of the electoral college would finally be certified by Congress. There is no excuse for the treasonous behavior that unfolded last week. Trump and the agitators of the attack must be held accountable. CEH fully supports his impeachment.

The attack last week painfully brought into the spotlight the damage that the Trump administration has perpetrated on the American people throughout his four years in office. Just one day after domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol, Trump’s EPA failed the people of North Carolina who sought protection from the threat of toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” polluting their water, food, and neighborhoods. For years, this administration has turned its back on those fighting for their health and safety against corporate polluters who value profit over people. Both the attack on the Capitol, and the refusal to protect people from the threat of toxic chemicals in our environment, have cost America greatly. 

As we come together to rebuild, we commit to standing alongside the communities and institutions fighting for justice. We look to the Biden/Harris administration for leadership through this dark time in our nation’s history and take heart knowing that they have made environmental justice a priority, including action to regulate PFAS. While we cannot undo the damage done over these last four years, we can set our sights on a brighter future that values democracy, justice and public and environmental health, as we double down on the hard work it will take to get there.