Help Minnesota Mom Get Pesticide Spray Out of Her City’s Parks!

In cities and towns across the country pesticide-free parks provide healthy and good-looking places for families, kids, and pets to play. There are almost 100 parks without pesticide spray in the Pacific Northwest and there are many more in other parts of the country.

You can help Andrea Stish, in Rochester, Minnesota, to get pesticide free parks started in Rochester. You don’t need to live in Rochester in order to sign her petition – she welcomes support from anyone because it will help her City Council see how important this issue is.

Why are pesticide-free parks healthier for all of us? Most importantly, pesticides are toxic chemicals that are designed to kill or harm living things. It’s not surprising that they cause problems for people and pets. Take glyphosate (often marketed as Roundup), for example. It’s one of the most commonly used pesticides in parks. Recent research shows that its use is so widespread that it’s probably in most of our bodies – in Europe a recent study found glyphosate in almost half of the people tested. Another recent study found that glyphosate causes breast cancer cells to grow. This from a pesticide that, according to its manufacturer, “holds an elite position among honored technologies.

Thanks for your support! Click here to help Andrea.