Get Ready for the Red Carpet Event of the Year: The Toxies 2011!

You’ve probably heard about the the Razzies, a satirical spin on the Oscars, but you may not have heard of the Toxies.  June 16, 2011 brings us the second annual red carpet awards ceremony for “Bad Actor” chemicals will take place at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

“The Toxies”, created by CEH ally coalition, Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy (CHANGE), has now come together with groups across the country to share the concept of “bad actor” chemicals” by bringing them to life with a Hollywood spin.

At this satirical awards show, you’ll meet the nasty, toxic chemicals that are found in so many of our everyday products.  They’re toxics personified—real “bad actors” picking up their Toxies trophies for all of the health hazards they cause.

See highlights from 2010, and read all about this year’s nominees, including many of the chemicals CEH works to eliminate.  Who’s up for “Worst Replacement Actor in a Series”?  That pesky methyl iodide!  “Least sexy performance”?  Bisphenol-A!  And of course, nominated for “Lifetime Achievement in Harm”, that pesky toxic that CEH has found and worked hard to eliminate from so many products—lead.  Read about all the 2011 toxies nominees here.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can attend this glamorous event!  RSVP here. Don’t live in LA?  Not to worry—you can still get in on the action.  We have all you need to host your own Toxies viewing party via satellite.