Greenwashing-Now with Plants!

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook you probably saw the celebrations of World Water Day.

If you watch television or happen by a billboard you’ll also learn that Dasani has come out with PlantBottle (oh & it’s trademarked, you know in case another water bottle company wanted to do the “right thing” and then creatively call it plantbottle). What a thoughtful company, right? We all know that we produce far too much plastic waste with our consumption of water and with it water bottles.

Bottled water makes sense, right? You are busy. You are on the go. You are a sports enthusiast and you need to replenish. Thankfully Dasani (owned by Coke), Aquafina (owned by Pepsi) and Evian, Arrowhead and FIJI have your back. I mean they keep you from having to drink that awful tap water! Except that Tap Water isn’t as bad as these companies and their environmentally destructive products would have us believe. In fact popular brands like Dasani or Aquafina are the indeed filtered tap water! What’s the improvement there?

And though these happy, clear bottles with gorgeous mountains and lush tropical places on them seem like they are super candidates for recycling, actually many aren’t.

All of this is told in a much more funny way by CEH’s friend Annie Leonard who on World Water Day launched “The Story of Bottled Water” where you can find out more about Bottled Water’s shameful story.

After that, you’ll have confidence to leave the plant in the ground, the plastic bottle on the shelf and bring your own steel, re-useable bottle with you alongside the Ipod, yoga mat or whatever else it is you juggle when you leave the house for your regular renewal and recreation.