Guest Blogger: 50 Things I Do To Reduce

Crossposted from Kids Around Canada, by Eco-Communications professional, Lisa Borden.

We recently came across this article by fellow eco-tip lover Lisa Borden.  It’s a run-down of the 50 things she does to reduce the stuff in her everyday life, and it’s a real-life, practical list–not just some promotion for so-called “green” products that will just add to the junk we already have.  Because, as we all know, we “can’t buy our way out of the problem”.

Below are our six favorites from Lisa’s list (in no particular order), but you can also see the full list of 50 here.

1.  Stop all junk mail.

2.     No water in plastic bottles – that includes vitamin waters, herbal waters and other bottled water pretending to be better than bottled water (keeping our hormones undisrupted).

3.  Asking waiters/hosts at restaurants to not give paper and plastic disposables – napkins, placemats, straws, cups, ketchup and soy sauce packets (don’t get me started on that green plastic sushi grass!).

4.  Offering products we no longer need to friends – try listing on Craigslist,  or Freecycle if no one I know wants it.

5. Taking kids art and remodeling into other art, or making it into gift tags (after taking digital pictures to preserve the memory, of course).

6. Remembering to unplug chargers, and refusing to use energy when it’s not working for me. (bonus: lower bills).

For the full list, see 50 Things I Do to Reduce by Lisa Borden.