How to Host a Toxies Viewing Party in Style!

Want to watch the Toxies, but don’t live anywhere near Los Angeles?  Don’t worry, you can still get in on the action by hosting a Toxies Viewing Party at home with friends and family!

Already, dozens of Toxies fans across the country have signed up to host viewing parties in their own communities–from Minnesota to Tennessee to New York, devoted Toxies fans will be throwing viewing parties to watch the live ceremony.

Hosting a Toxies viewing party is a snap with our handy viewing party kit.  Get all the info. you need to start planning your party, then sign up to get all the kit sent directly to you.  We’ll send you everything you need–test your toxics knowledge with our Toxies Trivia Game (to play before you watch the ceremony), and pass out headshots of all the Toxies noms so people can choose their favorites.

For a quick run-through of how to host your own viewing party, check out the slides from our recent webinar on how to host a successful Toxies extravaganza!