Is There Life on Mars?

Two weeks ago we asked you to join us in urging multinational candy conglomerates Hershey’s and Mars to stop using sugar made from untested sugar beets that are genetically engineered to withstand megadoses of pesticides.  We were encouraged to see thousands of CEH supporters take action, but we were equally dismayed to learn that Mars has put its head in the sand to blot out your concerns.

It’s true:  Mars is working hard to avoid hearing your concerns.  When you send your requests to the makers of M&M’s, Snickers, Dove and Mars bars, and other candy shelf mainstays, you receive a computer generated email that forces you to return to Mars’ site and share additional information if you want the company to hear your concerns.

And what happens after you’ve jumped through these hoops?  Mars sends you this letter claiming that the company cares about food safety (false) and could not possibly find ingredients that are free of genetically engineered foods (double false).