Join Us: This Saturday is GE-Free Action Day at Walmart!

Walmart is behind the curve on GMOs. While Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have responded to CEH’s surveys asking for their policy on Monsanto risky new, pesticide-laden corn, Walmart has ignored our direct questions about the Monsanto corn (check out the details in press release: Pressure on Walmart to Rebuff GE Sweet Corn Intensifies).

In order to raise awareness about the problems associated with genetically engineered foods and encourage Walmart to agree not to sell Monsanto’s GE sweet corn, we’re taking our message to their front door.

Californians:  Live in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, or Los Angeles/Ventura County area?  Then come out to the nearest Walmart (store action list below) to help us send the message that we don’t want Monsanto’s untested, unlabeled GE sweet corn anywhere near our grocery stores!

Sign up to join CEH in partnership with Food & Water Watch at one of the following locations:


Oakland- sign up here!

8400 Edgewater Drive

Oakland, CA 94612


Mountain View- sign up here!

600 Showers Drive

Mountain View, CA 94040


Oxnard- sign up here!

2001 North Rose Avenue

Oxnard, CA 93036