Potential Neurodevelopmental Effects Of Oil And Gas Operations: A Literature Review

On Thursday, December 7th, 2017, Ellen Webb discussed her recent review on the increased health risks to infants, children, and young adults from exposure to air pollutant emissions and potential water contaminants associated with unconventional oil and gas development. She highlighted priority chemicals associated with adverse neurodevelopmental and neurological disorders and endocrine disruption. She also identified future research needs and general policy recommendations in light of the potential hazards and risks to human health.

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Ellen Webb, MPH is a public health professional with nearly 15 years experience working at the intersection of health, science, and policy. Her research addresses the link between environmental exposures and health effects, particularly among vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and children. She has worked in the private, government and nonprofit sectors, including management of maternal and child health education and research projects on potential health effects of oil and gas development. Ellen earned her MPH in Health Policy & Management from Columbia University.