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California Adds BPA to List of Chemicals Known to Cause Serious Reproductive Health Problems

Sacramento, CA-Today, scientists from the state of California reaffirmed that the plastics chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) can cause serious reproductive health problems to women, and added the chemical to the states’ Proposition 65 list of known toxic chemicals.

“This is an important step to protect children and families from a highly toxic chemical,” said Michael Green, Executive Director of CEH. “BPA can alter the bodies’ natural hormones and lead to serious reproductive problems. Parents and consumers have a right to know when they can be exposed to toxic chemicals like BPA, which is widely used in canned foods, cash register receipts, and some plastics.”

BPA is a well-studied chemical, and multiple recent peer-reviewed laboratory studies have shown that low levels of exposure during pregnancy cause a variety of important health problems in offspring. These problems include abnormal development of the brain, breast, and ovaries, among other concerns. These effects occur at levels of exposure that are seen in people today.

BPA was originally added to the Prop 65 list in April 2013, but a chemical industry lawsuit forced the state to de-list BPA. A California court threw out the industry’s challenge last December, paving the way for the re-listing today. Days before the state added BPA to the Prop 65 list in April 2013, CEH and a group of 22 independent scientists and researches sent a letter to CalEPA urging them to address the potential for health problems from low-dose exposures to the chemical.

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