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EPA Approach on Lautenberg Chemical Safety Bill Leaves American Children and Families at Risk

The Center for Environmental Health today expressed serious concern at yesterday’s announcement by EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator Nancy Beck on how the agency intends to regulate dangerous chemicals. Last year, Congress adopted a reform to the nation’s chemical law, the Lautenberg Act, in order to better protect Americans from cancer, birth defects, and other serious health conditions. But under the Trump Administration’s anti-health policies, the EPA seems intent to implement this law to favor the chemical corporations over the health of everyday Americans.

CEH is calling for an ethics investigation of Beck, who came to EPA directly from working as a lobbyist for the chemical industry.

“Donald Trump doesn’t believe that asbestos is harmful, and he has a chemical industry lobbyist leading the nation’s work on chemical safety, so it is clear that this Administration is intent on undermining the health of American children and families,” said Ansje Miller, CEH Director of Policy and Partnerships. “Though the law was designed to give consumers confidence about the safety of chemicals and products in the marketplace, these new rules and Beck’s appointment undermine consumer confidence in the entire program.”