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CEH Achieves Landmark Legal Agreement with 30 Companies to Remove Toxic BPA From Socks


Oakland, California – For the past three years, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), a nonprofit watchdog, has engaged in legal action against more than 100 clothing companies whose socks contained high levels of the toxicant known as bisphenol A or BPA. Today, CEH celebrates a historic, legally binding agreement with 30 companies, including Hanes and Asics, who will reformulate and eliminate the chemical from their socks. 

“Bisphenols are known to interrupt the regular function of our endocrine systems by mimicking natural hormones like estrogen,” said Shakoora Azimi-Gaylon, Senior Director of Toxic Exposure and Pollution Prevention at CEH. “This can affect growth and development, reproduction, and metabolism. Studies show BPA can be absorbed into skin in minutes. Bisphenols have no place in socks made for adults, children, or babies, whose body systems are only just developing.”

Beginning in 2021, CEH’s testing found many popular brands of socks could expose people to BPA at levels as high as 31 times over the limit deemed safe by California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). Since then, CEH has reached legal agreements with 21 companies. This settlement brings that total to 51 companies. 

“Three years of testing and legal action have culminated in this landmark agreement,” said Kizzy Charles-Guzman, Chief Executive Officer of CEH. “CEH uses Proposition 65 to push companies to reformulate their products or adjust their manufacturing processes in order to eliminate the toxic chemicals of concern that would otherwise require a health warning. No one should be exposed to high levels of BPA from their socks. We are proud to have forced these companies to remove toxic BPA from their socks made for adults, children, and babies. Today we celebrate this win for public health.”

For more information about BPA in socks, read our FAQ here.


CEH reached legal agreements with 51 companies:

Mad Engine LLC
Hypnotic Hats Ltd
Zhejiang Yiheng Textile Technology Co. Ltd
F21 Opco LLC
Bioworld Merchandising Inc.
Everything Legwear Holdings, LLC/JoAnn Stores LLC
Bon Bini LLC
Fit for Life LLC
International Intimates Inc.
DML Marketing Group, Ltd.
New Rue21 LLC
Interbrand LLC
Asha Design, LLC
DSW Show Warehouse/Mac Design Group, LLC
Kayser Roth Corp.
Torrid LLC/Torrid Merchandising, Inc.
Ty, Inc.
Infinity Classics Inc.


Agron/Adidas America
Asics America Corp
Centric Socks LLC/ ABG Juicy Couture LLC, Kohl’s Inc., VF Corp,VF Outdoor
Crest Brands LLC
Delta Galil/Columbia Sportswear
Dollar General
Dolls Kill
GCE International/G-III Apparel, Foot Locker, Inc., Penney OpCo LLC, CVS Pharmacy, Inc., Nordstrom, Inc., Target Corp, Walmart Inc., Sam’s West
Gina Group LLC/K Swiss
GMA Accessories
Gold, Inc./Fruit of the Loom, Russell Brands, Walmart
Hanesbrands/AYK International
High Point Design/Fruit of the Loom, Russell Brands, Viacom, Walmart
ILNA Inc./Target Corp., Dollar Tree, ABG Accessories
Implus Footcare
Jefferies Socks
Majesty Brands/With You LLC
Michaels Stores, Inc.
Orly Shoe Corp./Authentic Brands, ABG-Aero Ipco, Dollar Tree
Preger & Wertenteil
PVH Legwear
Renfro LLC (formerly Renfro Corp)/Carhartt, Inc., Russell Brands
Royce Too/Saucony, Inc., VF Corp, VF Outdoor
Shalom International
Spirit Halloween
Stance Inc.
United Legwear Company/Skechers, TRB Acquisitions, Puma NA, Dick’s Sporting Goods
USA Legwear LLC/ABG Reebok
Victoria’s Secret & Co.
Wiesner Products/Easy Spirit LLC, Target Corp, Five Below, 1616 Holdings