Lead in Toys? Today We Told Congress, No

Right now, our Congress is debating how much lead is okay to expose children to.

Really.  To Tea Partiers and the billionaires who profit from the anti-regulatory rhetoric those Tea Partiers spout, corporate profits are far more important than children’s health.

On Tuesday, Congressional advocates for children’s health called on CEH for our urgent help protecting the law that has cleaned up the children’s product marketplace.

CEH Research Director Caroline Cox jumped on the next plane to the Capitol, where she testified today in support of the 2008 federal law banning lead in children’s products.

You couldn’t find a better expert.  Since the federal lead limit passed, Caroline and her team at CEH have tested thousands of children’s products for lead.  Caroline has spent countless hours reviewing the effect of the law, and the results are clear:  children’s products are far safer today than they were before the limits went into effect.

But now Congress thinks we should go back to the bad old days, when high lead levels in dozens of children’s products – like baby bibs, diaper rash creams, lunchboxes and jewelry – posed unacceptable lead exposure threats to millions of American children.

CEH won’t let that happen without a fight. We’ve worked too long and seen too many children whose lives have been harmed by unnecessary lead exposure.

Please help us keep up the fight! Your support helps CEH ensure that Congress doesn’t take away protections for our children’s health.