Michael Green Talks Flame Retardants on “On the Green Front”

flame retardants

Michael Green talks flame retardants

CEH Executive Director Michael Green was recently a guest on the radio talk show “On the Green Front” hosted by eco-pioneer Betsy Rosenberg. In the interview, Michael discusses the “toxic shell game”–in which the chemical industry conducts unplanned science experiments on consumers by replacing toxic chemicals in consumer products with other untested chemicals that have similar or worse health effects. One example of the “toxic shell game” is displayed in a recent CEH study. CEH’s study found alarmingly high levels of toxic flame retardant chemicals in children’s nap mats. Tris, the flame retardant chemical used in nap mats was banned from children’s pajamas in the 1970s, but is now showing up in children’s nap mats and household furniture. Tris has been linked to a wide array of health problems including cancer, obesity, reduced fertility, hormone disruption, and allergies. Government studies and fire experts have found that flame retardants are ineffective as they are used in furniture and products like nap mats. Michael discusses the steps CEH is taking to protect families from harmful chemicals like Tris and end the “toxic shell game” for good.  Michael also informs consumers about easy steps they can take such to avoid chemical exposures and how they can become involved in supporting the end of this harmful experiment. Listen to the complete interview here.