Our Voices, Our Power: Communities United to Stop Dirty Energy

This year, two Texas oil companies are leading a group of out-of-state polluters, pushing Proposition 23 – a deceptive ballot measure that would repeal California’s landmark climate change law. What’s it all about?

Four years ago, California passed the groundbreaking Global Warming Solutions Act to reduce the state’s contribution to climate change, placing the state at the forefront of the clean technology industry, attracting clean energy businesses, and creating millions of new jobs.

The landmark California law is replicable legislation that it will bring a clean energy future not only to California, but to other states—and entire countries—once it succeeds. That’s right—keeping this law in place in California will not only benefit Californians, but every other state in the country as well.

The law was and is a direct threat to the dirty petroleum industry profits, which is exactly why the industry is spending millions to unravel the law with Proposition 23.

The oil industry is currently making an all-out effort to stop the momentum toward a clean energy future before it moves beyond CA—determined to outspend anyone in their way.

A disgusting assault on democracy and the environment? Absolutely.

If Prop 23 passes, it will not only crush California’s clean energy and air pollution standards, it will also destroy millions of green collar jobs—jobs that are essential to the state’s economy right now.

That’s why we plan to work hard the next couple months to make sure that this Dirty Energy Proposition does NOT pass. It’s going to be a dog fight.

The out-of-state, fat cat, petroleum industry polluters pushing for Prop. 23 have already spent over $8 million and have committed to spending whatever it takes to deceive the public and buy this election. The good news: polls show that if the election were held today, Proposition 23 would lose by a wide margin. But Texas oil companies are preparing a barrage of misleading advertisements spreading half-truths about “energy taxes” and “higher gas prices at the pump.”

We need to act fast, expose these lies and spread the truth: the petroleum industry’s Dirty Energy Proposition isn’t concerned for jobs or health or the environment; it’s concerned about keeping its CEOs comfortable aboard their yachts while oil gushes into the Gulf and destroys an entire region’s ecosystem and its economy.

Here’s the truth: our jobs, our health and our prosperity depend on a clean energy future.

Right now, that future hangs in the balance. Join Communities United to Stop the Dirty Energy Proposition (No on 23), a coalition of social justice and community-based organizations uniting to stop the Dirty Energy Proposition.

Today, we’re taking statewide action—send us pictures of why you’re voting no on Prop 23! If you face pollution in your community, and you want to change the environment, submit a picture (or pictures) of your own “No on Prop 23” sign and show YOUR reason for voting NO on November 2nd.

Stay updated on the campaign against the Dirty Energy Proposition here at Generation Green and at Communities United Against Prop 23.